LeReTo - Narrow-AI based Legal Knowledge

We built a knowledge framework. For legal research and other use cases. Our engine enriches PDFs in real-time with citation and knowledge links.


Who likes to do exhaustive legal references research work? Nobody! Still it needs to be done. When you let LeReTo take over, all your legal sources are just one click away.

We recognise and connect cited sources within a document and link it up to over 100 databases across Europe.


Enhanced Reading in multidisciplinary domains?

We created a plattform for academic publisher facultas which allows users to store e-books. The sources cited in the e-books are connected to the databases, particular terms are highlighted and explained and the e-books are linked up with each other.


You want to gain new insights? Let our technology visualize your data for you.

The Smartfiles Network transforms the cited sources in documents into a visual map. Using the drag & drop technology, it creates beautiful and interactive network maps.

LeReTo is a legal research tool that finds references in PDF documents. Our engine enriches PDFs in real-time with citation and knowledge links.


So instead of searching for each source separately in databases, you can let our legal tech do the research in your files within seconds. The result: An annotated PDF that contains links to case law databases or other useful knowledge. By doing so, we cut down the time spent on manual (legal) research.


Our technology is amongst the most advanced and performant narrow-AI research tools on the market. It is especially useful for judges, litigation lawyers and legal professionals that works a lot with third party documents.

For Publishers & Tech Companies:

Our Knowledge Framework

LeReTo | Framework Solution