“At EUIPO we work with ideas, with reputations, with the shape of things to come.”

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is responsible for the registration of EU trade marks and designs.

The Institution
  • EUIPO is short forEuropean Union Intellectual Property Office. It is a decentralised agency of the European Union and offers IP rights protection to businesses and innovators across the EU and beyond.
  • The EUIPO was founded in 1994 and is based in Alicante, Spain. Until March 2016 it was known as OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market).
  • The Office registers approximately 135,000 EU trade marks and around 100,000 designs annually, in a market with more than 500 million consumers.

The Databases
  • The EUIPO provides three databases. One for information on trade marks, designs and their owners (eSearch plus), one for EUIPO decisions, judgements of the General Court, Court of Justice and national courts (eSearch Case Law) and one for viewing original documents concerning a EUTM certificate (Certified copies).
  • Additionally to those mentioned above, the EUIPO also sets shortcuts to the databases of the European Union Intellectual Property Network (EUIPN). This network facilitates a cooperation between IP offices in the EU, user associations and other IP organisations. Amongst their databases are “TM view” and “DESIGN view” where you can look up trade marks and designs at national, international and EU level (currently around 103 million trade marks and 19 million designs).

eSearch plus
  • eSearch plus is a database for EU trade marks and designs.
  • The database provides a simple search and an advanced search function. Search criteria can be the trade mark or design number, the name of the trade mark or design, the status (e.g. registered, application opposed), the Nice Classification, the registration date, the owner, etc.
  • The search results are shown with a short summary of the trade marks’ or designs’ core data (e.g. trade mark number, type, status, owner).
  • For every trade mark and every design there is also a detailed entry available, where more information is provided (e.g. representatives, correspondence with the EUIPO, oppositions, Nice Classification).
  • If you have an account at the EUIPO website you can even view documents of past or present proceedings and relevant correspondence without being party to the case. The account is free of charge.

Available Formats
  • Entries from the eSearch plus database can be printed via a separate button at the top of the page. Documents to proceedings are available in PDF-format.
  • The website is translated into 23 languages, amongst them German, English, French, Italian, etc.

Sources: EUIPO

Information status as of 16.03.2022

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