Fürstliche Gerichte Liechtenstein
“Liechtenstein's small size and location in the heart of Europe makes it special. It is a monarchy, with the Reigning Prince as head of state […].”

The Princely courts of Liechtenstein run one common website and provide a database that gives access to their jurisdiction.

The Courts
  • The early beginnings of the modern judicial system of Liechtenstein can be dated back to 1809. Then, the jurisdiction consisted of the government (“Obergericht”) in Vaduz and the court of appeal (“Fürstliche Hofkanzlei”) in Vienna.
  • A third legal instance was introduced in 1815 as a condition for joining the German Federation.
  • The Constitution of Liechtenstein from 1921 brought all courts to Liechtenstein. The constitution has been in force since and was amended once in 2003.
  • Today, civil and criminal matters are exercised in the first instance by the Regional Court, in the second instance by the Higher Court and in the third and final instance by the Supreme Court. Courts of public law are the Administrative Court and the State Court.
  • The Supreme Court is highly efficient in the handling of cases. In 2020 the 127 new cases under review were offset by 128 cases settled.
  • On the website of the Princely Courts of Liechtenstein, you can find a variety of services.
  • A list shows the date and time to when and where a public trial takes place, providing some context to each case.
  • The website also offers access to forms for different application processes, like testamentary dispositions or procedural aid.

The Database
  • The database contains selected decisions of the Liechtenstein Higher Court, Supreme Court, State Court and Administrative Court beginning with the year 1997.
  • You can search by court, file reference, LES-Number (for decisions which were already published in the collection of decisions), keywords (providing an index of such), Legislation or LR-Number (which is a unique classification system by legal matter).

Available Formats
  • By clicking on one of the decisions, a page opens which shows the full decision and a table of contents on the left as well as an index of previous court instances, legislation and keywords on the right.
  • The decision can be printed as well as downloaded as a pdf-file.
  • The language of the decisions is solely German.

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Information status as of 30.06.2021

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