LeReTo - Narrow-AI based Legal Knowledge

LeReTo is a legal research tool that finds references in PDF documents. Our engine enriches PDFs in real-time with citation and knowledge links.


So instead of searching for each source separately in databases, you can let our legal tech do the research in your files within seconds. The result: An annotated PDF that contains links to case law databases or other useful knowledge. By doing so, we cut down the time spent on manual (legal) research.


Our technology is amongst the most advanced and performant narrow-AI research tools on the market. It is especially useful for judges, litigation lawyers and legal professionals that works a lot with third party documents.

For Publishers & Tech Companies:

Our Knowledge Framework

LeReTo | Framework Solution


Who likes to do exhaustive legal references research work? Nobody! Still it needs to be done. When you let LeReTo take over, all your legal sources are just one click away.

You and your lawyer team can focus on core legal work: draft a more sophisticated reply submission or a better grounded appeal in the same time. Hunt for promising new assignments. Or leave the office earlier.


Do clients wish to pay for ineffective or unproductive hours? Not many do!

So let’s invest your team’s precious resources into those areas of work that cannot be made by algorithms: Spending less qualified lawyers’ time on non-billable work means that your firm’s output will improve – whether you charge on an hourly or on a lump sum basis.


With LeReTo, you will be in the position to trace back your argumentation for many years. With easy-to-navigate PDF convolutes that include all legal references cited, your team’s argumentation logic can be safely stored in your archives.

And professional clients love comfortable links when it comes to reporting.