Berliner Vorschriften- und Rechtsprechungsdatenbank
“It [Berlin] has a rule for everything, and puts the rule in force; puts it in force against the poor and powerful alike, without favor or prejudice.”

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and with around 3.7 million inhabitants the most populous city in the European Union.

The State
  • The history of the city of Berlin began in the High Middle Ages with the founding of two trading towns, Berlin and Kölln. Berlin was first mentioned in a document in 1244 AD.
  • In the course of the 19th century, Berlin established itself as a major international city with a large influx of people.
  • Among the most important branches of Berlin's economy are tourism, the creative and cultural industries, biotechnology and health care management.
  • The city consists of 12 districts and numerous rivers and parks.
  • Since 1999, the city has been the seat of the Federal Government, the German Parliament as well as most federal ministries.

The Database
  • is the official database providing free access to case law, law and regulations of the state of Berlin.
  • Future regulations that have already been passed but have not yet entered into force are posted as preview. Earlier versions of the state law and case law since January 1, 2010 are also available.
  • In total, the database offers access to around 70.000 documents.

  • The search function provides instant feedback while entering the search term and shows the number of hits for each search query. Furthermore, it categorises the entered words e.g. as text, court, date, law or source.
  • The search function is not case-sensitive. The characters “§” or “Art.” can be omitted.

  • The case law is enhanced with additional information like date of decision, relevant law, course of proceedings, a permalink and the guiding principles found.
  • Laws and regulations are enhanced with additional information like interactive tables of content, date of entry into force and nature of legal act.

Available Formats
  • All documents are available in PDF- and XML-format for print and download.
  • The documents are only available in German.

Sources: Berlin Wikipedia, Berliner Vorschriften- und Rechtsprechungsdatenbank

Information status as of 08.11.2022

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