“The CISG-online platform's first purpose is to facilitate an internationally uniform interpretation and application of the 1980 Sales Convention […]”

CISG-online provides case law and other related documents concerning the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

The Database
  • CISG-online is a database for a variety of documents related to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
  • The Convention is a multilateral treaty and establishes a uniform framework for international commerce. It was adopted in 1980 in Vienna and is ratified today by 94 counties.

  • The Team behind CISG-online collects case law from jurisdictions all around the world as well as arbitral decisions concerning the application and interpretation of the CISG.
  • Every case is registered and given a consecutive number and a name (e.g. the parties involved or the goods concerned).
  • Each entry provides information on the jurisdiction, the deciding court, the judge, date of the decision, case history, parties, category of goods, relevant CISG provisions, links to other cited cases, comments on the decision and the full text of the decision in its original language.

  • Next to the mentioned case law, documents on the Convention’s legislation history, abstracts by UNICITRAL, the UNCITRAL Digest on the CISG and a bibliography of a variety of legal sources relating to the CISG are available.
  • Currently the database comprises of 5622 decisions (4800 court decisions from 69 jurisdictions and 822 arbitral decisions). With that it offers one of the broadest collections of case law concerning the CISG today.
  • The search function and the display of information are designed very intuitively and user friendly.
  • CISG-online is a project by Professor Dr. Ulrich G. Schroeter and his team of the Faculty of Law of the University of Basel (Switzerland).

Available Formats
  • The database operates in English. The decisions are only available in the original language of the trial.
  • The full text decisions are available in PDF-format for download.

Sources: CISG-online

Information status as of 03.11.2021

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