“These are days that may seem turbulent, but there is no reason to be worried, because it is in times like these that the elegance, the beauty of our Austrian Federal Constitution is revealed.”

The Austrian State is based on the fundamental idea that the exercise of state power is established by a written constitution and that all state action can be traced back to the will of the people.

The Court
  • The Austrian Constitutional Court is one of the highest courts in Austria, next to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.
  • It was established by virtue of the 1920 Constitution and was the world’s first court concentrating entirely on the review of laws for their constitutionality.
  • In the following years this “Austrian model” of constitutional justice was established in many other countries across the world.

  • The Court protects the individual’s fundamental rights in relation to any action taken by administrative authorities, administrative courts as well as the legislator.
  • It reviews legal provisions for their constitutionality and lawfulness, it resolves disputes over the division of powers, and it verifies the results of elections.
  • The Court consists of fourteen judges, currently four of them being women and ten being men.
  • In 2021 the Court was assigned around 5.300 new cases and was able to close around 5.200 cases.

The Database

Available Formats
  • The database “RIS” provides the Court’s decisions in Word-, PDF- and html-format.
  • The database “ALEX” provides scans of the official documents in PDF-format.
  • All documents are only available in the language of the proceedings, which is German.

Sources:  Berka, Verfassungsrecht7 (2018)., VfGH, ALEX, RIS

Information status as of 12.02.2023

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