Austrian Standards
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Austrian Standards International is a non-profit service organisation that facilitates an open and transparent process for the development of standards in Austria since 1920.

The Institution
  • The Austrian Standards Group consists of Austrian Standards International, Austrian Standards Plus GmbH and Austrian Standards Operations GmbH.
  • Austrian Standards facilitates the development of national standards called “ÖNORMEN”.
  • Anyone can participate in the development of standards. First an idea or proposal is submitted, then a draft of the standard is prepared by a committee, which then can be commented by anyone for a certain period of time. After the finalisation of the draft the standard is published.
  • In 1921, the first standard was issued. It contained regulations on metric threads.

  • The organisation is a member of CEN and ISO and thus enables the participation of Austrian experts in these European and international standardisation committees.
  • Austrian Standards is also responsible for the adoption of European Standards into the Austrian body of standards. Around 90 percent of standards in Austria are of European or international origin.

The Database
  • In accordance with § 8 (3) NormG 2016 a standardisation organisation must maintain a database free of charge in which all national standards are listed, as well as all standards that have been declared mandatory by Austrian laws or ordinances.
  • The database of Austrian Standards is called “meinNormenRadar”.
  • The database only provides the title of the standard and a summary of the standard's content free of charge. The full text version must be purchased.
  • Some additional information like the date of publication, the status of the standard, information as to whether the standard is purely Austrian, European or international is also given free of charge.

  • Under the abbreviation “ÖNORM” Austrian national standards are meant, “DIN” stands for German standards, “EN” for European standards and “ISO” for international standards.
  • Standards per se are not legally binding. However, they can be if a law declares them to or when parties make them subject to a contract.

Available Formats
  • The single standards can be purchased in PDF-format.
  • The documents are available in German and some also in English.

Sources: Austrian Standards

Information status as of 15.11.2022

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